Medical Mistakes

According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 100,000 deaths are caused annually by medical mistakes. Every suspected case must be thoroughly investigated and then reviewed by medical experts who advise me of their opinions.

After a decision to file a claim is made, then the process required by the Louisiana Malpractice Act begins. It involves a two-phase process. The first phase involves roughly a one-year process in which the case is reviewed by what is known as a Medical Review Panel consisting of three Louisiana physicians. After this panel reviews the claim and provides a written opinion, the plaintiff then has the option of going forward with a civil suit. This second phase of filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can last for years, just as in any civil case. It would be ideal to have a Lafayette personal injury attorney in this case to help you take care of everything and show you the compassion you need.

Malpractice Claims

A malpractice claim must be filed with the Louisiana Division of Administration for a medical review panel within one year of the plaintiff’s first knowledge of the claim, and in no case more than three years after the alleged malpractice event took place. In other words, an individual has one year from the time he or she discovers the malpractice or three years from the time it actually occurred. This rather draconian and unfair Louisiana law would, therefore, bar anyone from filing any type of malpractice claim more than three years after it occurs. Medical malpractice is a very demanding and very rigorous area of litigation. These claims are very hard- fought by the medical providers and their insurance companies and typically take several years, rather than months, to resolve. My commitment to a malpractice plaintiff is that I will thoroughly investigate the claim at the outset, make a judgment on its merit, and then stick behind the plaintiff for the long haul until the claim is finished. As Louisiana personal injury lawyer, I also have the ability and resources to obtain the highest level of professional support for providing expert testimony, which is required in every case of malpractice.

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